BMW Mini Scooter E plug-in electric vehicle is inspired by Mini Cooper, featuring smart phone docking station that will unlock the vehicle, GPS software that will tell you where the nearby Mini Scooter E is located, a helmet that is designed with integrated microphone and headphone set for more enjoyable driving while listening to the music.

BMW’s Mini Scooter E
was being showcased in London yesterday, the E Series comes in three scooter designs and will has similar speedometer and instruments found on BMW vehicle, and a lithium ion battery for the power source.




You will find the funny GPS system will trigger the Mini Scooter E’s headlights to flash once you drive the vehicle passing another Mini Scooter E on the road.

No details on pricing and availability about this Mini Scooter E yet.

Starting Price: USD6,000.-

[ Source: Inhabitat ; Wired ; BMW ]