De Jabba nee wonna wonga! A spell to increase your Jedi focus power!

Star Wars’ Jedi training has somehow created a deep impression on many children and one of the unique brainwave control is somehow an endless amazement to explore. Yes, brainpower is somehow mind-blowing phenomena if we know that it could be turned into reality!


Could you sense the Force? Hang on, close your eyes and concentrate. And now you could start visualizing your X-wing starfighter rising out of a murky swamp as your stumpy green master looks on and…hang on a par sec; you would feel the power is rising and so does the gizmo ball in the glass tube…

Well thanks to the cape-billowingly impressive Star Wars Force Trainer you’ll soon find out. Utterly mind-blowing, this fully-licensed device allows would-be Skywalkers to control a Jedi training sphere with – get this – the power of thought.

It would be easy to litter the remaining paragraphs with hokey Star Wars quotes, so we will. After all, any product this impressive (most impressive!) deserves the full treatment. Indeed, your skills really will be complete as you progress from Padawan to Jedi Master, using the Force (or something similar) to advance through 15 levels of training. There’s even a Freeplay mode for show-offs.

A smart control panel displays your current training level, while the increasingly challenging sequences are enhanced by Star Wars sound effects and tips from Yoda. Help you he can, yes.

Still not convinced? Check it out for yourself…

Please note:
* Age 8+

* Officially Star Wars licensed
* The more you focus the more you control the game
* 15 levels of training from Padawan to Jedi Master
* Innovative wireless headset reads your brainwaves to determine your mind power
* Features Star Wars sound effects and exclusive Yoda training dialogue

o Jedi training tower
o Adjustable and comfortable wireless headset
o Instruction manual

Battery requirements
o Force Trainer Base – 6x AA batteries (not included)
o Wireless Headset – 3x AAA batteries (not included)

o Force Trainer Base – approximately 25cm (W) x 41cm (H) x 13cm (D)
o Wireless Headset – approximately 16cm (W) x 16cm (H) x 17cm (D)

Price: £99.95

[ Source: Firebox ]