For those with hyper-hungry symptoms, here comes a realistic but inedible version of bread case for your iPhone 4. Bread case is designed with a soft looking bread pretty much resembling and edible one, the shape will not change even if you squeeze the case hard, and please be cautious placing your iPhone 4 with bread case nearby any baby or toddler, they might think it is delicious!

There are three version of the Bread iPhone 4 Cover, including the Sugar Powder, Cream and Bread. Unveiled by Strapya World not long ago, and available for purchase via Strapya’s online-store.




If you are thinking of disguishing your precious iPhone 4 from those ridiculous bandits, Strapya’s Bread iPhone 4 Cover is one gadget to help you camouflage your iPhone 4. Which flavor do you prefer?

Price: USD10.40

[ Source: Strapya-World ]