Microsoft and Sony is competing in storage solution for gamers on their own console segment. Not long after the released of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 250GB HDD storage last week, Sony also follow by launching their new 500GB external USB hard drives for Sony PS3 owners in Japan.


Those 500GB HDD for PS3 console are from Buffalo and coded as HD-AV500U2 (as seen above) and the HD-CL500U2. Both external USB hard drives is planned to hit markets outside Japan starting next month in conjunction to Sony PS3’s “torne” DVR hardware/software combo launch.

Despite the label as PS3 and Xbox, neither of these hdds offer any extra feature or capability for their console that would likely differentiate the product from other external usb hdd. Would this be another marketing tactics from Microsoft and Sony to absorb the hidden market of their loyal customers?

Price Range: USD130~USD165