Butt Station was quite a popular topic among bloggers early last year, and now Butt Station has arrived at amazon offering various color selection to help hold those small stationeries for you.

A great gift for close friends to remind them about the great/funny moments together, this Butt Station is made using quality thick plastic, consists of 2 parts, the sitting figure that hold the tape dispenser and pen, and the toilet bowl useful for holding paper clips, small memo, name cards, pens, pencil, cutter, etc.


You will find the tape dispenser surprisingly useful, a fun art desk decoration that also help you with those small stationeries, will be great for staffs’ office desk. You could choose from the popular neon green, neon orange and bright blue. You will find replacing the roll tape is as easy as replacing a roll of toilet paper, the sitting figure’s butt is magnetized, you could let it stick some paper clips from the toilet bowl whenever necessary.

Checkout the price and availability, click here.

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