Brief news about latest trio burner from BenQ dubbed BW100 that designed with SolidBurn and Write Right technology for optimal playback and recording. You will be able to use BenQ BW1000 for burning Blu-rays, DVDs or CDs.


BenQ BW 1000 is designed as an external on-the-go Drive that has an added-on burner using Blu-ray Disk (BD) technology for burning files up to 50GB of data. You will be able to burn data without the necessity of having a computer.

Furthermore, the USB on-the-go interface for Point-to-Point connection enables transmission of files to various mobile devices, such as digital camera, PDA and mobile phone.

SolidBurn technology has the intelligence to automatically learns and optimizes the writing settings for recordable media and makes over-speed writing feasible and stable, delivering stunning drive intelligence to help users write any media at the desired speed.

For recording on a blu-ray R or blu-ray RE (25GB/50GB) you will get a 2x speeds. No word yet on pricing and availability.

[ Source: Walyou ; Coroflot ; TechEBlog ; BenQ ]