BX2350 and BX2335 is two LED-backlit LCD monitors from Samsung. Both BX2350 and BX2335 are 23-inch LCD monitors offering Full HD 1080p resolution, fast 2ms response time, 5 millions to 1 dynamic contrast ratio and LED-backlit feature.


Samsung BX2350 and BX2335 LCD Monitors are designed with glossy bezel and elegant V-type stand, made from chromium-plated material. BX2350 is only 19mm slim in depth. Both monitors use HDMI interface for fast, secure and high quality video playback.

And the Magic Return will do wonder for those who dealing with two screens, since it could move another screen content into the presently used display simply by shutting the unused screen off.

BX2350 has a dimension of 8.22 x 21.86 x 16.67 inches (LWH), weighing 8.16 pounds. BX2335, on the other hand, comes with a dimension of 8.22 x 22.47 x 17.4 inches (LWH), weighing 8.37 pounds.


  • Samsung BX2350 = USD299.- [ get it here ]
  • Samsung BX2335 = USD249.- [ get it here ]

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