Do you agree that human’s mind has similarity with a monkey’s behaviour? You might find your mind hard to stay still at one point, it will start thinking, wondering and figuring by itself.

As messy as the mind of those geeks with bunch of innovative ideas and brilliant designs, the Cable Monkey Organizer will help you to organize your messy jungle of cables behind your office desk. Tidying up your desktop computers, printers, scanners, adapters, especially by adding the cute little monkey will certainly add some sense of fun into the boring work.


Imagine the monkeys are climbing up and down from their heavenly rainforest, while let both of the monkey’s arms hug tightly onto those black, cream, blue, green or white colored trees. The colorful tree monsters just can’t resist the loving hug from the Cable Monkey, aren’t they?


You could check out the price of the Cable Monkey Cable Organizer, right here!

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