Celluon is a Korean company reknown for its laser key virtual keyboard. The new product they are offering is the Celluon evoMouse Pet.  It connects with any computer as long as there is a USB port or bluetooth connectivity.



Despite laser key users would have known that typing using a projected virtual keyboard is not comfort at all for their fingers, the new Celluon evoMouse Pet also controlled by the movements of your fingers.

The evoMouse take the shape of a robot dog with two small infrared holes on the head, and a small square under the legs’ location. Simply put the evoMouse at the place where you usually roll ups and downs your optical or wired mouse. You could use your index, middle or even your ring finger as the pointer. Double clicking, or turning around is easy without any necessary to push any mouse around.

But it is a bit confusing on the pictures that show us how to click and right click using this evoMouse Pet. The other functions including scrolling, rotating, zooming, forwarding, and back.

Unfortunately, the Celluon evoMouse Pet does not comes with a soft mouse pad for its users, you will have to get it somewhere else for extra bucks from your own pocket. There is no word on availability or pricing but we will be sure to update this post once there is.

Hence, small tips from an expert, why don’t use a soft material mouse pad instead? that would offer comfort as well as mobility to users.