For Skateboarders, especially those in the ‘Pro’ level, you might be wondering if there is a way to enjoy skateboarding using technology for automation? Toyota has unveiled a surprising concept that uses Microsoft’s Kinect motion sensing camera and a Windows 8 tablet to demonstrate the possibility to integrate technology into skateboarding.

The Kinect camera and Windows 8 tablet is designed to allow skateboarders to take control for the speed of the motor on the skateboard using a simple hand gestures, or movements in fron of the Kinect motion sensor.


According to Jason Schulz, Toyota Motor Sales Strategic partnerships manager, a simple hand gesture at front of Kinect sensor will allow skateboard rider to take control for the motor’s speed, and it has become a true reality instead on the unveiled prototype instead of a draft on papers.

According to Jason, Toyota is also experimenting with Microsoft’s skeletal tracking technology, for tracking position and movements of people inside their vehicles accurately for safety and precautionary measure in case of accidents. We might be able to see more technology collaboration for wide variety of industries in the near future.


However, Toyota was not the pioneer for getting Kinect motion sensor onto skateboards, according to report by Engadget back in early January this year, Chaotic moon has first come up with their version of Kinect skateboard at CES 2012.

Called the “Board of Awesomeness,” Chaotic moon’s off-road skateboard is equipped with video, voice, gestures, accelerometers, and localization data to identify rider’s intentions and accelerate or slow down, as shown on above video. The tablet itself is used for data processing and capable to switch on or off the skateboard’s motor to a 32mph top speed.

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