The Click and Grow computerized pot-plant system has officially launched their commercial product powered by four AA batteries, with sensors to monitor various parameters that affects the plant’s growth.

Designed for perfect indoor plants growing, the Click & Grow automated planter pot system uses aeroponics, which grows the plants in an air or mist environment.


However, you will need to plant the seeds using special cartridges that has seeds and nutrients relevant to successfully grow the plants. Unlike the prototype version, which need to be connected to a PC via USB, the built-in software will provide the pot with all the information needed for growing the specific plant.


Taking the dimension of 20 x 20 x 7-cm, with up to six seed cartridges currently being offered and another 50 set to follow soon. After user planted a cartridge on the pot, the remaining task will be making sure to refill the water reservoir each month, depending on the temperature of the house or in-house garden, and the batteries need to be replaced every eight months period.


“Every year, more than 30 billion euros in houseplants are thrown away,” says Click and Grow CEO Mattias Lepp. “No one can single-handedly save all those plants, but wouldn’t it be nice if the average houseplant could be around longer than its current two-month average?”

Price: EUR59.- [ About GBP49 or USD79.- ]

P.S: Additional plant cartridges’ pricing will vary between 5 to 8 euro.

[ Source: Click and Grow ]