Unlike any outdoor umbrella, that you might feel heat while sitting under, following convection cooling cantilever umbrella is designed using a woven made, high density polyethylene capable to repel both heat as well as humidity away from the fabric, leaving a breezing cool shade underneath.

According to the manufacturer, this convection cooling cantilever umbrella is capable to reduce ambient temperature by up to 20 degree Fahrenheit, leaving a pleasant dry and cool shading beneath the umbrella. The specially designed breathable fabric enables heat and humidity to rise through the canopy via convection while blocking the sun and rain.


Designed and manufactured in Australia for combating the frying sun, the 10-feet diameter octagonal umbrella is boast capable to block up to 90% percent of those harmful UV rays as well as offering up to 100′ sq. of shade beneath.

No worry, since the canopy is made from woven high-density polyethylene that resistant to both mold and mildew and will not tear or fade for long hours of exposure to the harsh weather out in the open space. The frame itself is made from lightweight powder coated aluminum, in which also robust and weatherproof.

You could easily relocate the cantilever umbrella anywhere you wish, there is a hand crank for quickly opens or closes the canopy. Besides, you could also tilts the umbrella for three different positions for preferable shade.

The dimension of this outdoor umbrella is 10-feet diameter x 8 2/3-feet in height, overall weight is about 36lbs. Included along upon purchase is a hard plastic base that can be filled with either water or sand to ensure standing stability.

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