Google has been sending out a test drive version of Chrome base notebook, the Cr-48 for reviews. Cr-48 is a completely unbranded black notebook with Chrome OS that distributed to early users for feedback through a pilot program, which is in its beta version.

Cr-48 Chrome OS notebook comes with 12.1-inch display, full keyboard, trackpad, world roaming support for 3G mobile broadband with Verizon support (U.S.), 802.11n dual-band WiFi, 8+ hours of active use battery life, more than a week of standby time, webcam, and flash storage.

Cr48-Chrome-notebookOwing to partnership with Verizon, the beta tester will enjoy the ‘always connected’ feature and special deal of “pay as you use 3G” option, and every month tester will get a free 100 MB of data access package. Weighing a mere 3.8 pounds, you could use Cr-48 Chrome OS notebook with over eight hours of active usage.


Verizon Wireless connection require no activation, over-age or cancellation fee, is self-activated and claims will work abroad too. A day pass will cost USD9.99, or you could buy data in chunk.  Expect to see retail units of Cr-48 Chrome OS notebook from Acer and Samsung within next year.

Cr-48 Chrome OS notebook is designed with a leather feeling plastic surface that could mostly found on smartphones, and the trackpad is smooth and a bit large in size, but not as large as Apple’s MacBook trackpad. According to hands-on review by Ubergizmo, the Cr-48 Chrome OS notebook‘s CAPS LOCk key has been replaced by a “Search” key, a new key for faster search using Google? 😉


A fast booting feature will take less than one minute in selecting a network and login in. Base on some rumors, Google is producing 60,000 units ‘final’ version of Cr-48 Chrome OS notebook right now.

No info on pricing and availability yet.

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