Consider transforming your iPad into a sleek laptop? A new project over Kickstarter called CruxSKUNK is meant to be a new case for iPad that comes with built-in keyboards, a 350mAH battery that need a charge once a month.

The CruxSKUNK looks like any standard iPad cases, designed with a 360-degree hinge, the creators is trying to keep Apple’s aesthetic, where you could see Apple logo while in back open position. Bundled inside the package is a USB sync cable for charging, necessary when the battery eventually run out.

Moreover, there is a leather sleeve for carrying the CruxSKUNK around between uses. The case is 19mm thick with a 6mm base for the Bluetooth keyboard, that necessary to keep the profile low.


The project still accept new pledges through October 3 this year, lowest pledge to is US$155 to get this CruxSKUNX iPad case. Exoect for shipment sometime within November this year, a year end gift from Santa? 🙂

More info about CruxSKUNK could be obtained through Kickstarter’s website, right here!