One of the cool gadgets showcased during CES 2012 early this year is 3D printer. Cubify Cube is the type of pocket friendly 3D printer uses a single neon material printer cartridge offering capability to produce 3D model on several selection of vibrant colors of your choice.

The sad facts is that in average, most 3D printers are still expensive in the market, taking the ‘budget type’ Solidoodle’s 3D printer as an example, still cost about USD500 at the moment. Meanwhile, other branded 3D printers including MakerBot’s and Roland iModela’s are likely to be priced above Solidoodle. Cubify Cube, on the other hand, comes in Cube size, with pricing above the Solidoodle, at USD1,299 per unit.

Hence, good news deep pocket buyers, Cubify has opened up a page on their official website for taking pre-order for the new Cube 3D printer.


Cubify Cube 3D printer users will be able to manipulate the 3D model with ease on various different media including Microsoft’s Kinect motion controller for tweaking, editing or getting pre-made 3D models from developer community through the Kinect-To-Print app.

One weakness on Cubify’s Cube 3D printer is the lack of freedom for color mixing the 3D models, you could only choose one of the available vibrant colors front the available color range. Price after the jump…

Price: USD1,299.- [ +USD50 for additional cartridge ]

[ Source: Hardwaresphere ; Cubify 3D printer ]