Ever play Tamagotchi before? I think you will find the cube world inhabitant another compelling toy too.

It’s not Tamagotchi, but instead is the place where the pixelate people are living, playing, pester and interacting with each other by the link of the cube-boxes.


Confused? You should be, because unless you’re reading this from a black and white cartoon parallel dimension we guarantee you’ve never seen anything quite like Cube World.

There are loads of characters to collect and each one has a different hobby or job in the cube world.


Cube Worlds are entertaining take-it-anywhere companions, and because you can connect up to 16 cubes the possibilities are endless. One of our stick men even bungee jumped from the top of a cube tower we created. The random behavior exist within the program makes them very compelling.

Let’s begin exploring Cube World craze commence!


It is a 1x CR2032 battery, for cube-world, while a 3x AAA batteries to operate the cubes-places. It has buttons on the front of each cube allow you to control your virtual stick man to do everything from kick ups and pull ups to snake charming and juggling, but he will also entertain himself depending on his mood.

The part you could play is you could tumble your stick man around that he might falls around the screen. On a particularly rough day he might even bang his head against the wall, talk to Ralph on the great white telephone or shake his fist at you.


The clever part is: when Cube Worlds are connected the stick men will interact with each other and leap into neighboring screens. You can arrange your cubes in any configuration as long as the cubes are touching squarely.

Once linked you never know what the characters will do – they might be talking, fighting, dancing, leapfrogging, or hugging, kissing, punching… whatever?

The cube world is designed for a cube for 1 player, with 6 months manufacturer’s warranty available.

Cube World Features:

cube-world-small* Game – Each Cube/Character has a game.
* Motion Sensors – Play with and pester each Stick Character by shaking or tumbling the cube.
* Connect – Build a world by connecting up to 16 cubes with the magnetic sides.
* Transfer – Stick Characters can visit connected cubes. Each cube can hold up to 4 Stick Characters.

Cube World Places Features:

cube-world-box* Game – Each Cube acts as a hub for Cube World Stick Characters to join!
* Sound – Each Cube have their own sound effects
* Connect – Build a bigger world by connecting Cube World Cubes to the magnetic sides.
* Transfer – Stick Characters can visit connected cubes. Each cube can hold up to 4 Stick Characters.

Price: £24.95

[ Source: FireBox ]