Feeling a bit lonely and bored? Dave The Funky Monkey is designed to become a friend that sit on your shoulder. This furry cheeky monkey is about 20cm in height, and be positioned to sit with comfort on your shoulder. Dave The Funky Monkey will interact with you and passers by, and Dave comes with furry body in black, with white fur for the face, hands and feet.

Your friends and family will be amazed at how Dave interacts with you and them as you chat away to him. As your friends introduce themselves he’ll wave, if they embarrass or scare him he’ll hide his face looking shy or scared, he’ll even put his hand up ready for a high-five if the situation dictates.

Even though the waving, nodding and head shaking still a bit cranky, Dave looks completely autonomous and seems understand how to answer simple question. Dave The Funky Monkey could even hi-fiving all by himself. There is a simple remote control with 8 buttons that will adjust how Dave response to the question or the passer by.

You will need a little practice before you could introduce Dave to your friends and interacting seamlessly with you and your friends.


Built with two poppers an a velcro strip on the back, you could simply attached it to a shoulder strap to let him sit safely and comfortly on your shoulder. Dave won’t answer or respond to difficult questions that real monkey could not handle.

Anyways, kids will surely love to hear you telling storing with the little Dave on your shoulder.

Call him funky, cheeky, all in all, he is one loyal companion with over 30 different actions of nodding head, shaking head, hi-fives, burps, waves, left and right looking, and many more.

Price: GBP15.95 [ Available now in UK, get one for your kids? Click here! ]

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