Latest electric vehicle created by DBM Energy and Lekker Energy is actually a modification of an Audi A2 with electric engine, and amazingly, this new electric vehicle is capable to reach 372 miles or approximately 599 kilometers only with a one full recharge!

German-Electric-Car-372-miles-in-one-single-rechargeMirko Hanneman, the lucky test-driver for this amazing EV Vehicle, has test-out this electric vehicle by driving it from Munich to Berlin without any additional recharge. Not to boast about the residual battery power that is enough to charge the journalists’ iPhones. Is the distance enough for EV’s technology to replace those fossil fuel powered vehicles yet?

Japanese researchers have driven an experimental electric car more than 1,000 kilometres around a track, but the two German firms, lekker Energie and DBM Energy, said their vehicle was the furthest traveled by an everyday car.


Nevertheless, the real problem that will be faced by electric vehicles’ industry remain on the unused EV batteries. Wouldn’t those expired or unused EV’s batteries become a new problem for human race and the environment? Is there any party comes up with neat solution about how should take care those unused batteries or at least an idea how to recycle them without doing more harm to our planet?

No means to offense, however, shouldn’t those high authorities that run developed countries around the globe become more aware of the market respond and should have started giving more pressure to those fossil fuel automotive giant to start recycling or pulling back those old school’s spare parts circulation?

[ Source: Gizmodo ; Psyorg ]