A bicycle light that comes with the awesome outlook resembling a gun barrel revolver’s cylinder, the Defender bike light is mean to help bikers on their city biking.

A product by Gotham Bicycle Defense, the Defender bike light is designed with water resistant feature and waterproof down to 1 ft deep. No worry about heavy downpours, as the 6 bright LEDs with 3x AAA batteries are securely guarded by the water-resistant sealant and solid aluminum case. You will need to wait for 100 operational hours prior any changes is needed for the AAA batteries.

Since bicycling in urban area is getting tough these days, Defender bike light is meant to remark the beginning of struggles for bicyclists to survive amongst the eco-unfriendly fossil-fuel powered vehicles.


Video & Image Credit: Gotham Bicycle Defense

The wonder of the Defender bike light is on the security screwdriver for the installation that unlikely to be found in any hardware store, but guess that the creator never think of one important fact: if a bike light is so hard to steal, why don’t take the whole bike instead? Unless you have a secure base like Batman does, never park your favourite bike outside with this Defender Bike Light installed! 😉

Featured as a project at Kickstarter and 54 days to go for the pledge, if you wish to participate of found more info regarding the Defender bike light, head over the page, right here.

Price: USD50.-