For those patients suffering from diabetics especially in chronic stage that has wounds that won’t heal for years, here comes the “DermaFuse“, a nanofiber material made from borate glass type of silica capable of healing human venous stasis wounds in a rapidly and thoroughly manner by encouraging the regeneration of hard tissues.


Mo-Sci’s Derma Fuse

Developed by Mo-Sci Corporation in Rolla, Missouri, DermaFuse bioglass material is designed to imitate the micro-structure of fibrin, the main component of blood clots. Similar to fibrin, DermaFuse fibers trap blood platelets as well as building a ‘scaffolding’ while covering the wound for effective wounds healing and prevention against any air-borne or other water-borne infectious bacteria.

Furthermore, DermaFuse material is rich in calcium, a mineral that shown effective in rapid healing by assisting the migration or growth of epidermal cells to the wound site. At the finishing point, once the wound are completely heals, these DermaFuse fibers are absorbed by the patient’s skin, leaving little if any scarring results. No more troublesome for removing and replacing of suture or bandages in the process.


Mo-Sci is planning to test out the DermaFuse on real human patients by this coming months, while initial testing on animals has shown satisfying results.

You could access to videos at American Ceramic Society, right here.

[ Source: Gizmag ; Mo-Sci ]