You might have watched from television how information and technology capable to change people really fast, simply by watching the free online tutorial videos on how to open a lock, it could possibly transform a primary school boy become skillful for opening any conventional lock.

Imagine if this kind of tutorial videos further shared to wide public, where not all learners might have a good intention about a skill they have learned should be appropriately used, skillful thieves could be everywhere, and chaos is the likely  outcome for uncontrolled information shared over the internet.

Luckily, here comes DialSpeed, a sophisticated version of electronic combination padlock from Master Lock powered by battery that will last for approximately 5 years before any battery replacement is needed. This electronic combination padlock is currently the most advanced combination lock in the market, where the padlock includes a feature that allows users to set three different combinations as well as its own factory-set code, which could be used to recover the lock in case user happen to forget personal code they have set.

If you have any important or precious things need to be stored safely inside a tough iron cabinet or safety box at the private of your home, make sure it has a relevant lock hole for engaging the padlock into your cabinet or safety box for extra secure protection.


The DialSpeed electronic combination padlock is available for purchase from stores at approximately USD25 per unit, if you are seeking other version of the combination locks from Master Lock, you could check them out, right here!