Possible of operation under various OS including iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows as well as open source Linux, following new generation of DICE+ comes with so called ‘anti-cheat’ roll detection, LED backlights and Bluetooth connectivity.

Prepared for launching later this year, DICE+ has similar outlook to conventional dice that was found on nearly 5000-year-old backgammon set in Iran as well as rest of Asia with its traditional six sided dice.

Designed with smooth and round edges, DICE+ will allow users to use it on their tablets or smartphone without worry of not having scratch proof protective surface.


Prepared for showcase during upcoming E3 gaming show that will be held from June 5-7th this year, do you think GIC DICE+ will be applicable for international casino standard? If no bribery is allowed on international gambling arena, perhaps, DICE+ should likely become one new standard for gambling as well as other entertainment industry.


Price: USD40.-

[ Source: DICE+ ]