A Russia, Astrakhan base company, Displair has developed a prototype of projection technology that allows projection of images into the thin air, and it also allows users to use gestures to move the projected images. In short, the projecting technology allow users to interact with images that projected on the thin air.

Don’t expect the prototype to have a smooth browsing similar to the one being used by Tom Cruise in the Minority Report’s movie, however Displair is one real physical projector that exists in our world.

Displair uses cold fog stream to project images onto it and integrate an infrared camera to detect gestures. Unlike Kinect motion sensing device, Displair solves a bigger challenge of detecting and interpreting smoother gestures from hands and will soon integrate multi-touch laser scanner technology developed by Czech partner Screenrental that also reacts to body movements!

Surprisingly, the award winning Displair projection technology, was developed in a student dormitory, claims to have only a mere 0.2 seconds of lagging time between the actual gesture and reaction on the computer, unlike Microsoft Kinect that uses up to 1500 points in its multi-touch screen system with 1 cm accuracy and 0.1 second lag time.


The interesting part, Displair is designed with the capability to generate image sizes between 40 to 140-inch, and currently looking for investors that interested to compete with Microsoft in term of motion sensing visual device.

However, according to Displair’s spokeman, the device shall cost between $4,000 to $30,000, it all gets back to the production volume, the bigger the volume, the lower the cost.

Maxim Kamanin, founder and CEO of Displair is confidence that the on-air projection technology will be useful for various industries, including advertisement, entertainment as well as medical industry.

[ Source: TechCrunch Europe ]