The idea was, making iPad 3 DIY. A 21-year old Chinese boy from Shandong province in China has make a functional tablet computer that looks similar to a thick iPad that runs on Windows OS.

The DIY IPAD 3 has become an inspiration that making iPad DIY is now possible, especially in China. According to the boy, he only spent RMB2,000 or approximately USD309 to make the 16GB version ‘iPad’ tablet, while the 64GB version cost RMB5,288.

Since iPad and iPhones are very popular in China, many young generation seems inspired to utilize their hardware knowledge to build their own version of ‘iPad’ at affordable budget.


However, Apple’s international appeal for iPad copyright seems get respond from China government, for those stealing iPad 2 design or selling fake iPad tablet will be sentenced to prison.

[ Source: Phsyorg ]