We carry laptop, netbook, nettop, tablet pc with various kinds of shapes, sizes and styles, but have you ever carry around your pet with a laptop bag?


The above dog travel bag has an interesting design with a pet hole on the back of the bag plus a place to store your laptop. You could carry your pet with ease using this dog travel bag as if carrying a laptop. No more other carrier specially designed for pet. You could get the two in one PetEgo laptop bag to solve your traveling needs.

The [email protected] features a wonderful foldable Pet Dome, a perfect soft crate so that your pet can enjoy the security of home while at your office or anywhere that you wish to take him. the Pet Dome comes with a soft double sided comfort mat. Pet Dome and cushion come with the [email protected] but additional ones can be ordered separately.

The [email protected] is expandable from compact, to standard, to expanded, its dimensions are (W)15″X16″(H) both fixed dimensions, and depth 9″, 13″ or 16″ when fully expanded.

The dog travel bag is currently available in black and tan colors.

Price : USD178.-

[ Source: ChipChik ; PetEgo ]