Dunhill, the popular fashion and accessories brand has unveiled the venture into portable, solar powered phone charger. Dubbed Dunhill Portable Solar Charger, it is a flip-open charging device that harvest energy from the sun and capable to hold up to 1800GHz of power, or up to 30 hours of charging time on your phone or MP3 player, approximately 70 hours of mobile phone standby or about five thousand page turns for ebook reading.

The outer shell of the flip-open case for this Dunhill Portable Solar Charger is made from tough aerospace aluminium with a brushed silver finish. The carbon fibre effect chassis comes with leather carry case, and a power halo button will inform user about power level, while in cloudy days, you could always recharge the power through your PC or laptop via the USB port connection.


If you can afford, here is a Dunhill solar charger comes with an attractive leather case will go hand in hand with the same brand portfolio. Light and encircled by an aluminum body when not in use, it will provide up to 30 hours of charge time to your phone or your MP3 player via USB.

Dunhill Portable Solar Charger is now available for purchase online at USD195.

[ Source: Dunhill ]