Latest leak about upcoming generation of Xbox codename, as reported by Kotaku, is going to be called ‘Durango’. Similar to Project Natal, no final commercial name introduced yet at this particular moment. Would it eventually be named as Xbox 720?

Rumors have indicated that Xbox Durango is going to carry Nvidia Tegra 3 technology, but the next generation of Microsoft Xbox seems to have a better position to become the new rival to Sony’s PS Vita market, since Sony has plunged 50 million dollars for PS Vita promotion this year, and no info when the PlayStation 4 will be launched this year.


The Durango codename itself is an info leaked by Sean Tracy, a Technical Designer at Crytek after he attended the developers summit held in London not long ago through his tweet, which unfortunately has been removed from the web.

Not much is known about the Durango, but among the data being revealed release date is predicted to take place sometime at November 2013 and is predicted to come with AMD 6000, a 6 times higher processing power than the Xbox 360 currently has, a chip similar to Radeon HD 6670 that supports high-end graphics for both 3D and 1080p HD playback.

Not much detail and info about features on Durango being revealed at Sean’s ‘removed’ tweet, but hopefully we will see some other cool features that do not exists at PS Vita and iPad 3 to take Xbox fans to the next level of gaming experience.

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