On rainy season, moms’ major worry would be dangerous mosquitoes that might cause dengue fever to their sweethearts playing around the house. So, what’s the best solution to protect your precious one from the dangerous dengue mosquitoes?

The One Acre Natural Attractant Mosquito Trap is designed to emit heat and odorless carbon dioxide that resembles the same chemical gas expel by human body during respiration plus the ultraviolet rays from two fluorescent bulbs that attract mosquitoes to fly into the trap.


As the name implies, the Natural Attractant is capable to attract mosquitoes across one acre of area and trap them inside the trap. Should be enough to protect your child playing on your backyard, isn’t it?

The manufacturer promise that this trap attracts and kills mosquitoes across one acre without releasing any harmful chemicals, the fluorescent bulbs will react with the titanium dioxide coating located on the inner wall of the trap that sends them to a removable net where they die of dehydration.

The dimension of this mosquito trap is 22 x 13-inch (HxDia.), with a weight of 9 lbs. This superior model offers up to 5,000-hour of rated UV bulbs and does not create biological agents.

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