Need to cut your gardening budget? If you have a large garden or backyard where you planted some shady trees with branches that need for regular cutting, here comes the Eckman 8ft 10-inches Electric Telescopic Branch Lopper Chainsaw to the rescue!

You will never have to stand on ladders with a chainsaw in hand for cutting those hard to reach branches, using this Eckman 8ft 10-inches Branch Lopper Chainsaw, you could stay on the solid ground and still get those branches cut safely and effectively.


Or if you have a tall border plants that become a visible green walls that separate your neigbour’s land with yours, trimming the tall parts of the border plants shall needs ladder for a good finishing, but with this 8ft Branch Lopper, you could trim the plants by simply extending the lightweight alluminium shaft from 1.8 metres or 5 feet 10-inches tall to reach a massive 2.7 metres or 8 feet 10-inches tall high branches.

This way, you could completely avoid the need for a ladder if you afraid of climbing high just for cutting tree branches. Moreover, this Eckman’s 8ft 10-inches Branch Lopper Chainsaw also capable to cut logs up to 25 cm thick.

Furthermore, for helping users with the weight and carrying, the fully adjustable shoulder strap is useful to taking the overall weight of this 8ft Branch Looper Chainsaw by padding it to user’s hip brace and non slip rubberised handle grip. With the overall weight of 3.5 kgs, users are less likely to feel exhausted on both arms after the cutting jobs.

The Eckman 8ft Branch Looper Chainsaw has a 750 Watt motor producing impressive chain speed of 10.5 metres per second at minimum noise and vibration for longer working hours. Additionally, you will also find a 10 metres power cord for outdoor reach if you are using indoor power outlet to power the Branch Lopper Chainsaw.


Hence, users are advised to pay attention to the oil level on the level indicator to prevent over heating problem.

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Happy weekend and enjoy your gardening moment!