Cyclists, here is the gadget for your bicycling session that you might not want to miss. Ecogear Ecoxpower is a gadget that need to be attached on to your bicycle’s front wheel hub and connect the get electricity from the running front wheel to power or recharge your mobile electronics gadgets such as smartphone or mp3 player.

Ecogear Ecoxpower charger is built to supports both iOS as well as Android smartphones, which are housed in a waterproof touch sensitive case that meant to be installed on the bicycle handle bars where cyclists could get easy access to the charging dock on the road.


According to Greg Fadul, typical bike lights offer short life expectancy, which mostly ranging between 10 to 15 hours, or as low as five if on high brightness, hence most bicyclists need to routinely buy batteries, remove the light for recharging or replace their lights completely, this is where Ecoxpower comes into play by offering self-powered, further enhanced by built-in rechargeable battery, no more extra costs of changing batteries of bicycle’s lights. If you prefer to get GPS service for your bicycling session, you could get your smartphone to be powered-on a long the ride, no more worries about running out of power.


Estimated retail price for the Ecogear Ecoxpower charger is at $99, including front and rear lights with a waterproof smartphone case, no info about availability yet.

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[ Source: Ecogear Ecoxpower ]