In any formal celebration, do you think ‘shooting down’ one of your colleagues while opening the champagne’s cork is the best practice for the happy atmosphere? If you just couldn’t afford to sacrifice the wonderful moment by committing something ridiculous, here comes neat solution for opening the champagne bottle without the risk of knocking ‘someone’ out in the joyful event.

Following Electric Wine Opener got best rating by the merchant for its perfect worm insertion and rapid, effortless cork removal. The wine opener is capable to open up to 56 bottles in a row with the electric wine opener.


Unlike the conventional, manually hand operated cork removal tool that required a lot of pressure and incredibly awkward model, this best electric wine opener is the only model that comes with two stoppers and a wine preserver that help to remove air from unfinished bottles.


The wine opener is claimed for opening up to 50 wine bottles after a 10-horu recharge via the base that plugs into AC power outlet. Included along with the purchase is foil cutter for ease of removing the foil from a wine bottle. The dimension of this electric wine opener is 7 3/4 x 2-inch (H x Dia), and about 12 oz in weight.


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