A smart design by A University Student of Applied Arts in Vienna, Italia. Stefan Buchberger’s new lego stacking system for refrigerator is another applause for applied art in electronic device.

This stacking system is ideal fridge concept gives you your own fridge space, perfect for roommates. Funny as it sounds, but the recent divorce rate has also been taken into consideration in designing the fridge.


Wives with messy husbands or husbands with wives could use these stacking modules to keep your own refrigerator clean. You can pile them in one spot like a normal fridge.


And when you finally divorce your husband or wife, you could take your part of the fridge with you, i.e. the one with actual food in it. Crazy idea but this is happening around the globe when issue of broken marriage is the issue.


Designed to be colorful and customizable in many configurations, each fridge brick is much smaller than a traditional fridge meaning that it takes less energy to cool and less cold air escapes each time you open the door.

[ Source: TechnaBob ; Inhabitat ]