Did you ever catch a butterfly and kept it in a jar in your childhood time? How sad were you when you found out that the butterfly finally died after couple of hours in the jar?


Following Electronic Butterfly in a jar is made with a wire in it, the neat design would let the fake butterfly move when ever you tap the top of the jar or making a loud sound near the jar, providing realistic illusion about real butterfly flittering in the jar.

You might find that there is no way you could look at a Electronic Butterfly In a Jar without smiling, this is perhaps a piece butterflies’ life saving gadget that won’t let your child harm any real butterfly for fun purpose.

e70c_electronic_butterfly_in_a_jar_animYou could pick your favorite Electronic Butterfly In a Jar of pink morpho, blue morpho, monarch and yellow swallowtail, or collect the whole team to let you enjoy viewing the Butterfly around your house.


Price:USD19.99 [ Interested? Buy Electronic Butterfly In A Jar, right here! ]

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