Nowadays, you might have noticed that human can’t predict easily what could be happenning on the road during the crazy weather, right? If you have been through the thick snow in United States this year, you might have noticed how useful emergency beacon during those helpless hours to prevent further traffic accidents due to the pouring of snow.

Following roadside emergency beacon is 4 feet in height, could be easily affixes to the roof of your car to provide superior visibility in an emergency situation. The 4 feet pole snaps has a collapsible design, where you could put it up together in seconds and is topped with an orange pennant, meanwhile the base is magnetized, easily attached to your car’s roof to increase emergency warning to the surrounding area.


Unlike conventional emergency gadgets such as window-mounted triangles, roadside flares or car’s flashers, this extra tall beacon’s light is elevated and likely to be seen from a distance, easier to be spotted by road users or responders to locate the disabled vehicle and giving oncoming traffic more time to slow down to avoid unwanted crash.

There are 16 ultra-bright red and white LEDs that give out 360-degree flashes of warning signal and a fully charged beacon could last up to 10 hours long. This 4′ beacon is easily stores inside a trunk and also comes with a flashlight and orange safety vest. You will need 3x AAA lithium-ion batteries to run the 18x16x4.5-inch (HxWxD) beacon.

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