From gadgets we have mentioned in, following is probably the most ancient, common and general looking gadget without any cool outlook. It is an emergency brick that existed on most buses managed by Harbin Public Transport company located at the northeastern part of China’s Heilongjiang province.

The emergency brick, as labelled paint sprayed onto the brick, ‘应急Ying Ji or 救急Jiu Ji’ meaning for use in case of emergency, advising bus passengers to breakthrough the bus’ glass windows in case of emergency due to traffic or road accidents for saving lives.


You might be wondering why not attached hammers or axes inside the bus as if on those apartments for breaking glasses? Well, you know some of business culture have taught to reduce operational cost, so does the Harbin Public Transport Company, as special hammers are expensive and people were always stealing them, comment the company’s spokesman.


Eventhough bricks are inexpensive, but until now, out of 700 bus fleet, only 300 fleet get the specially labeled emergency bricks inside the buses. The conclusion is, bricks are still expensive and have the potential being stolen by the bus passengers? If that’s that case, the company will need to search for a ‘cheaper’ means of emergency gadget or ‘anti-theft’ type of bricks that no theft would be able to carry one out from the bus?!! What a world…

[ Source: Inventorspot ]