We will never know when we will need to emergency light that gives long running hours, it might be sudden powershut down could to electric company’s internal problem, natural disaster such as earth quake or tsunami, but it is always god to prepare umbrella before it’s raining, right?

Following Super bright LED offers an amazing 30 days of power once fully charged. There are 4 lighting modes where the brightness could lit up to 300 lumens, while offering water-resistant rubberized housing to protect the core from wet and rain during those harsh weather.


The dimension of the emergency 300-lumen LED lantern is 4.8 x 4.8 x 9.5-inches, weighing 1.2lbs without the rechargeable batteries. On full charged state, the LED Lantern is able to run up to 30 days on low setting, about 32 continuous hours on the high performance setting or about 3.5 days on medium setting prior complete black out.

The Flashing Strobe Mode

The flashing strobe mode is useful to turn the LED lantern for emergencies LED indicators lasting 15 days when in the SOS flashing mode, easing user to give out signal to surrounding area in order to ease tracking team or rescue squat to identify the living person or those in need for help. The LED lantern runs on 3D batteries, which is not included along with the purchase.

This 300-lumen LED lantern, ideal for outdoor use or as backup in case of home blackouts, designed to be highly durable and shock resistant owing to the rubber housing besides resistant against splash of water and rain.

Alternatively, you could always converts the LED lantern into a room light by removing the globe cover and hanging upside down on a built in hook.

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