A puppy doll that comes with soft, furry coat with sensors in its paws, head and back. The Emotional Response Puppy has a dimension of 16″ H x 8″ W x 18 1/2″ D, weighing 3 lbs and aimed for children ages 6 and up.

Besides, you will also find a built-in microphone, that trigger lifelike canine responses when it is tickled, stroked, patted or hugged. The Emotional Response Puppy would also opens its mouth, wiggles its ears, wagging its tail, blinks its eyes, panting or barking, depends on how it perceives the touch or sound.


There are 18 lifelike sounds, ranging from playful bark to a peevish grumble. When activated and left ignored for several minutes, the Emotional Response Puppy will take a snore-emitting nap, sleeping soundly until a touch or noise rouses it.

The front legs is poseable for sitting or lie down mode. Operate using 4x C batteries, get one for your lovely angel? Click here!

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