Unveiled last year by GM as the new concept for personal electric networked vehicle, EN-V is gaining popularity in China market. The recent trial at China’s Tianjin Eco-City has attract many EV enthusiasts to get more closer look to the eco-friendly personal commuting device that could offer great parking space in the ecologically friendly city with 350,000 residents built above a 150 km (93 miles) from Beijing. This is an initial project between Chinese and Singaporean governments for an Eco-friendly city.

According to Chevrolet, Tianjin Eco-City will also become the example for other cities and locations around the world for Eco-city, and GM’s EN-V is going to become one of the pioneer in one seater EV category. The new vehicle and future EN-V concepts will also become part of the Chevrolet’s brand and carry a Chevrolet badge.

EN-V will have climate control, personal storage space and supports all-weather and road condition operation. The Lithium-ion batteries will offer up to 40 km or about 25 miles of mileage after a full recharge.

Claimed to provides smaller footprint and ability to turn on a dime, EN-V will combine the power of communications, physical infrastructure of the Tianjin Eco-City into play, the distance-sensing technologies along with the wireless communications capabilities will allow EN-V’s drivers and occupants to communicate hands-free with friends and business associates while on the go.


Moreover, is have been expected that GM’s EN-V will reduce the possibility of road accidents, crashes as well as traffic congestion and vacant parking space or fastest route on real-time traffic information owing to the ability to communicate with other vehicles and related infrastructures designed for the Eco-City.

“This technology platform of electric propulsion, sensors, wireless communications and GPS-based navigation is likely to migrate from the EN-V concept to other automobiles and could lead the way to safer, cleaner vehicles in the future,” said Chris Borroni-Bird, GM’s director of Advanced Technology Vehicle Concepts. “It provides an ideal solution for petroleum- and emission-free urban transportation that is free from congestion and crashes, and more fun and fashionable than ever before.”


[ Source: GM EN-V ; Chevrolet ]