Latest enterprise grade MLC SSD announced by Samsung Korea is designed with 30-nanometer class MLC NAND flash chips with toggle DDR interface and SATA 3Gbps interface. The capability for processing input and output random reading up to 43,000 per second and random writes reaching 11,000 IOPS.


Available storage capacity varies from 100GB, 200GB and the largest one taking 400GB. The enterprise grade MLC SSDs is claimed having 120X gain in random IOPS read performance or approx. 30X gain in random IOPS write performance.

The MLC SSDs require about the same amount of energy to 15K RPM HDDs, only this time, you will get 150 times more date than the 15K RPM HDDs. No info on release date and pricing yet.

[ Source: Akihabara News ; Samsung ]