Producing water from the dry land or desert is challenging last few decades, but now, Eole Water’s Turbine offers world’s first wind powered turbine that capable to double as a water harvester!

This clever idea was initiated by Marc Parent, the founder of Eole Water that was amazed by how much water he could actually collect from his air conditioner unit while living in Caribbean.

These Eole Water’s wind turbines are now being deployed for testing in Abu Dhabi and thus far has success in generating about 500 to 800 liters of water each day, despite the maximum potential to reach up to 1,000 liters if using the so called tower top system.


Image Courtesy: Eole Water

Equipped with a 30kW wind turbines, the generated powers from the wind could also be utilized for powering houses as well the entire water harvesting system. This could simply means the ability to transform dry or desert area into area that comes with capability to generate water, solely using wind power.

The water harvesting process begin whenever wind goes through the cone of the turbine and it gets heated by a generator to create steam or hot flow of wind that go through a cooling compressor to create moisture. The cooled heated steam of gas is further condensed, collected and deliver to stainless steel storage tanks for further filtration as well as purification in order to get healthy and clean water that acceptable for human’s daily consumption.

It should be noted that this is not an entirely new process, but it is the first that uses a wind turbine to power it. Its use can be extended to areas where clean water is hard to come by, such as remote communities or disaster-stricken areas.

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