Bored moving your mouse around your desktop to browse your computer? evoMouse has a revolutionary way to let your fingers stay away from the clunky mouse!


Designed with the mind to replace conventional mouse in near future, do you think evoMouse will likely replace any of your mice on your desktop?

The technology behind evoMouse is interactive laser projection that will detect your fingers movement as if a touchpad and operate the application to suit your fingers’ command!


Simply drag your finger(s) over the area of projected light for moving the cursor and you could also drag, drop, double click, etc as if using a standard mouse.

No prices or date of availability yet, but if you are eager to know more about celluon mouse, you could contact the South Korea manufacturer at 82.2.6220.3890 or drop them an email at: [email protected]

[ Source: OhGizmo ; Pocket-lint ; Celluon evoMouse ]