A French company, EXO has recently unveiled their latest stylish water toy for big boys during the Cannes Boat Show. The prototype version of EXOCONCEPT watercraft’s engine offers a top speed of 31 mph (50km/h), at 29 kilograms (64 lbs) of weight excluding the four or six racks of lithium iron phosphate batteries that weights up to 20 and 30 kilos (44 and 66 lbs) respectively.

Intended for yacht owners or renters at water parks for gentle skating fun, EXOCONCEPT watercraft will be available in either a reinforced ABS model, offering four colors selection, or in black dominated carbon fiber version.

According to Erick Sebban, the carbon fiber models of EXOCONCEPT watercraft will be delivered by end of this year, and the company has been taking orders for that particular model. Meanwhile, for the ABS model, the company will begin taking orders by December this year at Paris Boat Show, and scheduled to deliver those by first quarter next year.



There are several options for the motor power demand, ranging from 3.5 to 7 kilowatt-hour motors. Of course the larger the power demand, the shorter the batteries’ runtime, which last between two-and-a-half to one hours operational time.


  • ABS model : Starting at EUR 7,290 (about USD9,975.-)
  • Carbon Fiber model : Starting EUR 19,580 (about USD26,792.-)

[ Source:  EXO Concept ]