Remember the Eyeborg project? Owing to shotgun accident, a Toronto film-maker Rob Spence has a damage eye since he was 9 years old and more or less six years ago, he finally had the artificial eye replaced with a prosthesis eyes, capable to capture images of what he was looking at and wirelessly stream the video to an external recording device.

Being a visual artist, Rob Spence has utilized his vision disabilities to optimum potential, meanwhile, San Francisco’s artist Tanya Marie Vlach also has a similar project underway, since she lost her left eye in a car accident, she is now working to replace it with a camera eye that will become part of variety art works.


And not surprisingly that Square Enix, a video game company has asked Spence to produce his high-tech prostheses eye into a promotional video to promote Square Enix’s latest game: Deus Ex: Human Revolution game, which is a game character that comes from 2027 with one cyborg camera eye to detect his enemies.

[ Source: Eyeborg ]