Escaping fire could sometimes means breaking your legs against the ground, it is ideal for household, especially those two storey residences to have emergency fire escape ladder to help your family members escape the fire whenever necessary.

Following Easy Deploy Fire Escape Ladder is meant for easy to use when emergency fire situation occur on two storey residences. Fits 6-inch to 10-inch wide sills, the fire escape ladder supports up to 375 pounds of weight, exceeding ASTM safety standards using strong steel without worry about damaging your home exterior.


The length of the fire escape ladder is 14 feet, unlike other flexible ladders that require assembly or become tangled when extended, this easy deploy fire escape ladder comes ready for use and folds compactly into its box for convenient storage.

The large, non-slip rectangular rungs provide sure footing, not any slippery, rounded rungs. The strong fire-resitant nylon strapping connects each rung, making the ladder more comfortable and lighter for storage as well as for hand grasp compare to ropes or chains.

No assembly needed, but users must be informed about proper installation on the window for safety precautionary measure. The picture above explain everything, don’t you think so?

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