Unlike conventional sunglasses, this one could be fit over your existing eye-glasses that designed using synthesized melanin. To help users relieve their eyes from fatigue, the dark lenses is useful to protect and filter out 100 percent of the damaging UVA/UVB ultraviolet and 98% of high-energy visible light.

Naturally, most of the people will begin to lose 50 percent of their eyes sighting by age 65, due to 50% reduction of reserves of melanin that protect your eyes from damaging UV rays.


Built with polycarbonate lenses that has shatter resistant feature, the lenses are polarized and capable to reflect 99 percent of the reflected glare. The sturdy nylon frame ensures durable usage for years, the dimension of this fit-over sunglasses is 6x6x1.75-inches (LxWxH), weighing 2.5oz.

Backed up with lifetime guarantee, following fit-over sunglasses is designed with a convenient alternative to clip-ons, you could slip this fit-over sunglasses with ease with most prescription eyewear frames and it will look like any of the regular sunglasses.

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