Here comes another lifetime guarantee gadget that offers environmental friendly as well as leisurely transport enough to accomodate three adults on the rear seat and two small children at the front basket seat. Originally developed over 40 years ago, this pedal vehicles represent popular form of transportation in resort towns from the Adriatic to the Pacific coasts.

Built with quality in mind, this Five Person Pedal Surrey’s rack-and-pinion steering ensures smooth and easy turns, while disc brakes provide gentle and confident stops. Hence, if your toddlers are not so aware of riding safety, it is advisable that parent do take precautionary measures such as using belt to hold their kids sitting on the front basket seat to prevent unwanted fall down or injuries.


Perfect for resorts that have sites for touring around, or places along the boardwalk or the stable. This Five Person Pedal Surrey has a strong frame reinforced by high quality tubular steel for lasting durability and strength, The dimension of this five person surrey is 70 x 42 x 72-inches (HxWxL), weighing about 185 lbs.

Ideal cycling around the neighborhood type of vehicle for a lovely family with three children.

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