A unique USB data key that comes in a slim, handy and compact keyring shape, this is Florida Key introduced by Frohne. The gold memory connector is designed with dust, rust, shock, water, alcohol, scratch, extreme temperature and electromagnetic resistant.

Prepared with military quality, Florida USB key is an idea by Florida designer, Derrick Frohne, and claims to be world’s first USB Key that has a metric ruler. The compact size of 55x22x2.82mm has allow the digital usb storage to to be extremely light in weight, about 14g in weight.


Ideal for fitting it into your keyring to prevent dropping it somewhere without your notice, and for ease of access during journey outside your office or home. The rugged design of this patent pending metal base Florida Key allows users to use it for cutting thin boxes or packages, where you might not have access to cutter or knife.

Backed-up with 10 years data retention, you could get this 4GB Florida key works on both Mac or PC.

Price: USD21.99