Looking for an aquarium to further add ‘aesthetic’ feeling to your plain living room walls? Fluval Vincenza Aquarium set is built with Italian design with the aquarium height of 21.65-inches while the aquarium stand is about 27.55-inches tall, a total of 49.2-inches or about 1.25 meter in height.

The Vinceza’s Aquarium has a bowfront glass with a sweeping curve that add an elegant dimension to flat walls, while offering beautiful view for the inhabitants. The aquarium comes bundled with a 48W GLO T5 light fixture, fluval multi-stage 05 filter, 200W AquaClear Submersible Aquarium Heater for winter session.


The Vinceza 180 Aquarium set comes with a dimension of 36.22 x 16.14 x21.65 for the pre-drilled Bowfront Glass Aquarium that has capacity of 39.8 gallon of water and 36.22 x 16.44 x 27.55-inches Aquarium Stand. Other mentioned features including 2.12 oz Nutrfin Max Food Flakes, 4 oz Cycle, 4oz Aqua Plus Conditioner.

The pre-drilled glass aquarium allows filter hoses to connect directly though the aquarium base, no pipes running on the rear side for solid approach and clutter free setup that could be installed flush to the wall. The matching cabinet stand is built to smartly conceals Fluval filtration system while providing ample storage for aquarium accessories.

The AquaClear Submersible Aquarium Heater offers accurate and reliable aquarium temperature, with the Easy-Set Temperature Dial to detect precise temperature control while the ceramic heater core allows even and efficient heat distribution inside the aquarium without problem of over heating.

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