1. Can-Am Spyder roadster hybrid to make public debut

can-amspyderhybridroadsterBy Gizmag ; BRP

2. Tesla electric sedan on its way

tesla-sedanBy Ubergizmo ; Gearlog ; Tesla Motors

3. Almost Genius: A Lamp That Uses Only the Sun’s Reflected Rays

pure-sun-lightingBy Fast Co Design ; Igland Design

4. Parmigiani creates a clock with 30-year continuous lunar calendar

parmigiani-mechanical-clock-with-hegirian-islamic-calendarBy Born Rich ; Parmigiani

5. ZMP announces new Single-Seater Robot Electric Car, the RoBoCar

By Akihabara News ; ZMP

6. Zeolite-based wood glues help particleboards absorb indoor air pollutants

zeolite-molecule-porous-structureBy EcoFriend ; Gizmag ; Institute For Wood Research ; Institute for Silicate Research

7. Groovy ‘Shrooms Electra

buttonGet Groovy ‘Shrooms Electra for only USD45, right here!

8. Give your geek a Silver USB Flash drive from LaCie for Valentine’s day

lacie-galet-4gb-luxurious-usb-keyBy The Gadgeteer ; LaCie

9. Toothbrush Case With UV Light

USB-powered-UV-light-toothbrush-caseBy Hardweresphere ; JTT

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