There should be time when you just not feeling right to wear a slipper or high heel shoes. Searching for a better alternative? Here comes the a deep heel cups cushion feet for correct weight distribution, the outsoles are made of flexible resilient polyurethane material molded with slip-resistant pattern.

This soothing slides shoes for ladies has only 1 1/2-inches heel, available in beige or black color selections. Ideal for air travel when feet swell due to lack of movement as well as to accomodate foot maladies such as bunions, blisters, callouses or hammer toes.


Moreover, the breathable, knitted nylon mesh offer soft and upper expand without causing pressure points, offering maximum comfort and ease to wear solution for those with feet problems.


The patented twin arches built into the cork-lined pigskin insoles provide arch support that never breaks down; With 1 1/2″ high heel. Women’s half and whole sizes 5 1/2-11; medium-to-wide width. Beige or Black. (1 1/4 lbs.)

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